Where we sit on the wedding entertainment price ladder

Booking the wedding entertainment is a major part of the planning for a happy couple’s big day, it must be right for the wedding, the guests attending and, as budgets need to be taken into account, provide value for money. Is it a wedding where a regular DJ doing his own thing will be the right way to go? Will a live band suit the occasion better than a DJ? Or are you looking for something a little bit different? Something where your guests can get involved and feel even more a part of the day’s proceedings?

Stick It On falls into the latter category, yes we are a DJ based service, but with our interactive service it’s the guests who really make the party with the songs they pick and the fun they have behind the decks. This means that a Stick It On party will cost more than hiring a regular DJ for the night, as a lot more preparation goes in to organising one of our parties than it does a DJ turning up and playing a  ‘wedding’ set for three hours. For more info on what goes into a Stick It On wedding party, read our blog post here.

Wedding Entertainment

Conversely, however, we tend to come in at less than it would cost to hire a four-piece band, and we’ll be around for the whole night rather than potentially just for a 90 minute covers set. The regular DJ service will probably set you back £300-£400 for a few hours and a good covers band is likely to be in the region of £1,500 for an hour and a half performance. Stick It On will come in around the halfway point between those two figures but will provide a seven-hour service and regular contact with the clients and the chosen guest DJs in the months and weeks leading up to, and then beyond, a wedding reception party.

We have carefully broken down our costings in advance into three package options and come to a final quote by simply adding on the necessary travel costs to get us to and from a venue. When all the pre-organisation, hosting and after-event service is considered and put in context, we believe that Stick It On provides excellent value for money in the wedding entertainment stakes.

Wedding Entertainment

We create interactive club nights, inspired corporate events and alternative wedding receptions that will pack the dance floor all night long. If you would like to discuss anything related to this blog post or our services in general, send an email to ysobel@stickiton.org.uk

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