about stick it on

What is Stick It On?

Stick It On is a very simple – and completely unique – alternative DJ entertainment concept that has been rocking parties for over a decade.

With a Stick It On event, your guests get the opportunity to work the decks like superstar DJs as they ‘wow’ their colleagues and friends with 15 minutes worth of their favourite ‘choons’!

With a compere to introduce each DJ, and a technical helper to support them in using the decks, our clients are guaranteed a rollercoaster musical journey spanning every genre and decade from rock to pop, soul to rock ‘n’ roll, dance to disco and much, much more! Essentially, people choose their all-time favourite tracks, guaranteeing an eclectic mix, and a full dancefloor.

No DJ experience is necessary. The Stick It On crew will be with you the whole time, offering as much or as little technical assistance as you require. Mixing is actively discouraged too, as this isn’t a night for wannabee DJs!

It’s simply a chance for people that love music to share their favourite songs with their friends and rock the dancefloor!

How It Started

Stick It On was born in the year 2000.

Originally a club night in Brighton, the idea came from a simple love of playing a wide range of great music and seeing the positive reactions a great song can bring.

Founder Rob Drysdale is a music lover and rebelled against being pigeon-holed into playing just one genre. To him, there are only two types of music; good and bad.

Rob was only interested in the good stuff!

Rob played everything from pubs, small club nights and house parties, but what was clear to him was how much fun it is getting behind the decks and playing music to people.

The feeling of sharing this and rebelling against the ‘Superstar DJ’ phenomenon of the time inspired Rob to team up with friend and fellow promoter Karim Bouzidi. Together, they hosted their first club night, essentially to a group of friends – the beginning of Stick It On…