Stick It On – Wrapped

As we head into a new year and a new decade we’ve written this short piece reflecting the last year and what’s in store for the year 2020! Stick It On wrapped 2019.

Here are a few things that we got up to:

Stick It On Friday Night’s @ The King & Queen

If you can remember our notorious bank holiday weekenders at The King & Queen then you know those walls have definitely seen some things! In September we launched our weekly Stick It On Friday night slots for you to come and spin your favourite choons all for free! We will be carrying this on into 2020 so whether you’re out celebrating or just a general night on the razz – get down and come say hi.


The Stick It On Web App

After some time, blood, sweat and tears (and perhaps a few choice words) Stick It On launched a web app that allows guests and attendees to sign up their choice of choons on the night. Simple and easy to follow, the web app is used weekly at The King & Queen and made an appearance at Deep Crawl’s BrightonSEO preparty.

The first-ever Downsfest in Hassocks

We were approached last year by Michelle, Downsfest organiser, with a new festival which brought it back to the community and included an array of tribute acts and local talent and not to mention raising funds for St Peter & St James Hospice. Of course, we were honoured to be part of the day and were delighted to hear they had raised £1,000! Downsfest will be back in 2020, head over to their website for more information.


From Brighton, all the way up to Edinburgh and across to Tavistock, Stick It On covered weddings all over and met so many wonderful couples this year (as with every year!) There were tears, laughter and even some celebrities but most of all there was a lot of fun!

Booking Stick It On was one of the best decisions we made planning our wedding. We love music and we love our friends and family, and combining them both into one big party made for the most memorable evening we could imagine. It really added to the excitement before the day, getting updates of all the songs chosen and picking our DJs. I thought it might be a bit nerve-racking but once you’re there and in the moment, it just feels like the biggest and best party you could hope for 😀
We really couldn’t recommend the whole process more. We will never forget it and will always cherish our DJ sets poster and Stick It On playlist as a reminder of the perfect evening 🙂
” – Emma Plunkett

We’re filling up with bookings for weddings in 2020 so get in touch for a quote and availability.

The return to Hanbury

Stick It On returned to its spiritual home for a Christmas special on Saturday 7th December at Proud Cabaret aka Hanbury Ball Rooms aka The Birth Place of Stick It On! If you were lucky to be a part of those nights you’ll know the score! And if not – keep an eye on our social media pages for #ThrowbackThursday every week.

For a few hours Stick It On was back where it all began and we had a cracking night as ever getting you all behind the decks. Is this on the cards for 2020? Who knows! Keep your eyes peeled!

2019 was a fantastic year and we hope 2020 will follow suit! A big thank you to everyone who supports us and we wish you a fabulous new year ahead!

Big love from all at the Stick It On team X

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