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Founded on the principle of ‘DJ Democracy’, we don’t equate big name DJs to big gains when it comes to delivering the music for your event. We believe tune selection, rather than technical prowess, is the single most important factor because if the music is right, the vibe will be right too.

Every event we host is made up of very different audiences.  We are able to create a bespoke musical platform for your party that perfectly fits the demographic of the audience participating. Be it a Christmas Party, Awards after-party or a youth brand product launch we can ensure the music resonates with its audience.

Over the years Stick It On has devised a number of variations to its format to suit an ever diverse range of event requirements. Here are the two most popular formats.

Our most popular formats

arrowDJ Democracy

Pre-register your DJ set, get up on stage, spin your favourite tunes and become a DJ superstar for 15 glorious minutes!

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arrowThe DJ-aoke Sessions

Sign up guests at the event and celebrate great music by providing a platform for those who like to show off to show off!

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