What makes a good office party?

What makes a good office party?

Planning your staff do, whether it be a standard office party, or a grandeur awards dinner is a task you want to make sure you get right. Whether it be for extra credit from your superiors or to be a living legend amongst your peers.

We’ve come up with four key things to consider when planning your office party:

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Stick It On ready to kick off the after-dinner party at a recent conference

  1. Location, location, location

If it’s not going to be on the work grounds you want to make it easily accessible by public transport and aim for some sort of on-site parking for your caterers, entertainment etc. If not, then make sure to arrange travel. There’s nothing worse than trying to get home from a country house in the middle of nowhere donning your heels and an evening gown, most probably in the dark.

Space and size; how many delegates are you expecting? Do you need space for a sit-down dinner and entertainment afterwards? Having enough space is key but don’t over estimate it, a few people rattling around on a large dancefloor can give an illusion of an unsuccessful/unattended party.

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A Stick It On DJ rocking the decks at a corporate event

  1. Keeping your guests fed

Formal sit-down meal? Make sure you’re able to cater for everyone’s dietary requirements. This will need some planning ahead depending on the volume of guests and variations of food. Obviously, you want to consider the same thing if you’re planning for a buffet style or even nibbles. You don’t want to leave any guests hangry so I suggest a good selection will go down a treat.

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A guest DJ enjoying his moment of DJ fame at an awards dinner

  1. Hydration for the nation

Equally important as keeping your guests bellies happy, you’ll probably want to quench their thirst too. Do you plan on a free bar? Bottles on wine on the tables? I mean after all everyone is here to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, so a boozy incentive is always in favour. But make sure to consider those who don’t drink alcohol, water is great and hydrating but offering up something different soft drink wise is also a good move.  Mocktails would give you extra bonus points amongst the non-drinkers.

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The view behind the decks at a Stick It On party

  1. Evening entertainment

If you’ve been celebrating an awards ceremony or taking part in a conference, chances are you’re going to want to let off some steam afterwards! Or if it’s just an evening do then the entertainment is all the more important. You’re looking for something fun, inclusive and engaging. Do your peers like to party? Then let them tear down the house behind the decks! Stick It On is a great way to break the barriers of social awkwardness at parties and get everyone, young and old, on their feet.

Just make sure you get in quick to request the next day off work. 😉

Any questions or want to make a booking? Send a message to ysobel@stickiton.org.uk

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