Aisle Music: Making an entrance on your wedding day

A Big Decision…

So you’re planning your big day? There’s a million things to do and as many decisions to make, one of which is the aisle music. What sounds will you or your partner make their entrance to? For many people, traditional aisle music such as ‘here comes the bride’ just isn’t their thing.  Picking something that’s *just* right for making an entrance in a way that suits you isn’t easy though.

Having been involved in many big days, we’ve heard a variety of songs used in place of traditional aisle music. These have been songs either with a special meaning or simply tunes they love and want to share with those assembled. We’ve heard soul, rock, pop and dance songs played as walking down the aisle music. Here are some great tunes that work beautifully as entrance music.


Aisle music: A song to make a statement…

Remember, it’s your wedding and all the music played should be a reflection of who you and your partner are. Whether your entrance song is sentimental or upbeat, reggae or jazz, it’s all about self-expression!

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