Two weeks until the party…

The run up to your party…

OK, your party is two weeks away and not many guests have submitted a DJ set? Well, rest assured, this is how it generally goes and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. We’ve put together this handy guide of things to consider and be aware of in the run up to your Stick It On party.

  • Don’t panic: If only two guests have registered with two weeks to go, it’s really nothing to worry about. Most of the entries tend to come in during the last few days before a deadline.


  • Reminding people: Let us prompt you to remind your guests about submitting a set. We keep a close eye on submissions and have years of experience in how the parties come together. We can let you know when a reminder to guests is needed.


  • The Draw System: You’re likely to go from two to twenty set submissions in the space of a few days. Again, don’t panic if this is now too many DJs. If some sets need to be dropped because of time issues, remember that our ‘draw system’ gives the feel of it being pot luck as to who gets picked to play their sets.


  • Time issues pt1: Don’t feel that you have to include everyone who submits a set, however much you might want to. It’s a bit of fun and in our experience no-one is disgruntled if they don’t get to play their set. Trying to cram too many DJs into a night can disrupt the flow of a good party. We’ll look at the time available and let you know the ideal number of DJ sets required.


  • Time Issues pt2: You may think, ‘hold on, we have more time for DJ sets than Stick It On have suggested‘, what’s that about? Well, as with most events, things tend to overrun. It’s good to factor in a bit of breathing room time wise and we can always play an end of night set if time allows for it.


  • The Warm Up Set: Which leads us to the warm up set, something that really needs to happen to get the party started. You may think it’s better to have five more DJ sets rather than our warm up set but, to be frank, it’s not. Guests like to mingle once they arrive and have a few drinks to get in the mood. They’re not ready to either hit the dancefloor or get behind the decks for about ninety minutes in our experience. Let us fill that time with a warm up set that will gradually get people up on the dancefloor in their own good time. That way, when the guest DJs do begin, everyone else is ready to shake their tailfeathers in appreciation!


  • The DJ Set Selection Process: With all of the above taken into consideration, choosing the DJ sets to be played at your party will hopefully be a bit easier now. Once we’ve looked at the timings and additional factors, we’ll suggest the ideal number of DJ sets for the party and the rest is up to you. Will it be your auntie’s electro-funk set or Dave from work’s cheesy ’80s hits that you pick? Or will it be both?

Your Stick It On Party…

It’s your Stick It On party . This guide is simply offered to make your lives that little bit easier in the run up to your party. With over a decade’s worth of experience, we thought it would be really useful to pass on the knowledge Stick It On has to our clients. Once we pass the final spreadsheet of DJ set entries over to you, we want the selection process to be as straightforward as it can be. With this guide to work from, your Stick It On party should come together with very little worry.

If you ever need anything clarifying or want to discuss the DJ set selection process, just email

You are the DJ!

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