Top tips for Summer parties

When we think of summer we think of those nice warm evenings, beer in hand, BBQ on the go and the sunset coming in after 10pm. Heaven.

In just a few short months these scenes become reality. Or for anyone in the U.K, two hot days, both on work nights and the rest of summer lost in a grey cloud.

However, for the inner optimistic in you, summer is the perfect excuse to throw a party for whatever reason, birthdays, graduation, weddings, just a catch up with old friends? The list is endless. So, for that reason I give you some top tips for throwing a summer party.

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  1. Prepare for the weather

You’ve planned an outdoor event in advance, the weather has been lush but it’s two days away from the big day and those clouds loom in ready to explode overhead. Unfortunately, the British weather is so hit and miss so it’s always worth investing in a marquee or a tipi letting the show still go on!

If the weather is on your side (hooray!) it will be worth having some shaded areas if it’s an all-day event, and maybe a basket of sunscreen on hand. To keep your guests in real great spirits, perhaps throw in some boozy and non-boozy ice pops.

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  1. Food and Beverages

Like any party you’re going to want to have some food and drinks! Keeping in mind the previous point about the weather, foods that spoil in the heat won’t be ideal.

A good range of drinks is always a plus. Just make sure to have plenty of ice, warm drinks on a sunny day doesn’t sound too appealing! Maybe you can consider adding a different element and incorporating a cocktail pop up bar?

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  1. Decoration/themes

Add another fun element to your summer soirée and include a theme with props and decorations. It will make for great photos and will be a great talking point amongst your guests.

You can keep it simple or go all out, it’s completely up to you. Some fun suggestions for you to consider are Beach Party, Sports Day, Tropical Paradise etc. Incorporate some fun outdoor games around your theme to keep everyone entertained.

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  1. Music

Large outdoor space or a smaller setting? Playing music out your laptop speakers kind of works in the house but not when you’re entertaining en masse, especially outside! Consider hiring in audio equipment to bring a much-needed kick.

If you’re going for something slightly more conservative, perhaps a live band? Make sure you have access to power sockets or a generator and find a band that will work for you and your guests.

Large do and need to up the ante? Book Stick It On of course and take the pressure off yourself whilst our team takes care of the build up to the night and takes care of everything from the equipment to on-hand guidance behind the decks.

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Have fun and enjoy yourself!

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