Team Bonding

Stick It On: The Perfect Team Bonding Experience

Team Bonding the Stick It On way…

Companies need to foster a strong spirit through team bonding in the workplace, as that’s good for morale and for business. For a lot of people, however, the words ‘team’ and ‘bonding’ brings them out in a cold sweat accompanied by a wearisome sigh. A day spent with your colleagues outside of work doesn’t have to be something that’s dreaded, though. A Stick It On party is a foolproof method for bringing people together and creating lasting – relationship building – memories.

Team Bonding

At a Stick It On party, individuals or teams get behind the decks to experience 15 minutes of DJ superstardom by spinning three of their favourite tunes. This simple concept is a great way for groups to collectively let their hair down and shake their tail feathers on the dancefloor. Maybe you’ll discover that Dave from accounting is a big Abba fan or that Susan from head office likes a bit of Dizzee Rascal.

Superstar DJs and great tunes…

If you fancy adding a bit of a competitive edge to the party, how about having DJ teams from different departments battling it out to be crowned the night’s winning Superstar DJs? It’s gotta be more appealing than being stuck in the rain at an outward bound centre in Wales, right? All ages, all musical tastes and eras – Stick It On is an equal opportunities experience for having a good time!

Team Bonding

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Welcome to DJ democracy!


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