Stick It On’s Festival Survival Guide 101

With the festival season approaching very soon we thought we’d share our top tips for surviving festival season including those festival blues.  Whether you’re planning to attend 1 or 100 this summer, read on for our survival guide 101.

1. Back to the ’90s

Seriously. Brick phones, those beloved Nokias you could charge once and spend the entire week playing Snake and carefully choosing which 10 text messages to keep in your inbox from your crush at the time. You won’t be able to do your Insta stories or hashtag your way through Twitter but you will be able to call your friends should you get lost in a pit of despair somewhere along the line and you’ll thank yourself for having an outdated backup phone because you’ve run your swanky one completely flat.

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2. Keeping it clean

We all know what it means to attend a festival – a serious lack of places for a spring clean and a slow decline for personal hygiene. First of all there’s the space/weight issue. You don’t want to be dragging around a bunch of toiletries but neither do you want to go a whole weekend (possibly longer) without cleaning yourself. This is where zero waste products are great (they’re great anyway obviously) Lush provide shampoo bars and toothpaste tabs, not only will they take up less space but they’re eco-friendly as well. As for baby wipes consider cheeky wipes as a more eco-friendly alternative or you can make your own from some cut up old towels. Infinity is also a great place to source festival essentials without ruining the planet further.

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3. Getting some kind of nutrients in you

It’s easy to forget amid all the excitement that you need to feed yourself and if you’re going to be all day dancing and drinking you’re definitely going to be in need of some kind of nourishment! First of all Banana’s are always a staple to have to hand, with a bunch of health benefits (including removing unwanted chemicals from your liver and kidneys) they’re great for a snack or a quick fix. Disposable BBQs (if permitted) is a good shout and if you wanna push the boat out it’s always good to invest in a small camping stove to whip up a tasty treat or have a go at making your own from a soup can! Festival food can be pretty expensive but it will be worth researching ahead of what food vendors will be at the festival and a great way to support independent businesses.

Failing that, just bang some Pot Noodles and snack bars in your bag and hope for the best!

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4. Know your place!

Getting lost, losing your friends and your tent after being on the beers all day is an absolute nightmare and if you didn’t take into consideration tip #1 it’s likely you’re gonna be pretty stuck. Either having a map or camping somewhere near to a landmark is always a good idea and will help you navigate your way back through the tent forest to sleep off the day’s antics ahead of the next day.

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5. Don’t rain on my parade!

Waterproofs! And anything to decrease the chance of you sailing away in the dead of night in your tent after a downpour is a good move. Ziploc bags are always a bonus to keep small bits in and the water out. If the field has hills then obviously bag a space towards the top rather than the bottom, should it rain you’ll find yourself in a bit of a pickle. A bunch of bin bags and gaffa tape is always your best too.

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6. Enjoy yourself!

It may be an obvious one but with the rise of social media and festival’s such a Coachella and Burning Man, it seems people are a lot less interested in the music and experience and focusing too much on their IG content and look. I’m not trashing that at all by any means but if you’ve spent up to or more than £250 just for the ticket itself make sure you have a great time! Lost your friends but your favourite band are playing? Forget it, sister! Just get lost in the moment and worry about finding them after! Most Instagram worthy outfit of the weekend got wrecked in the mud? Who cares! There are 100s of thousands of people around you not to mention some great acts so let your hair down and enjoy yourself!

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If you’re unable to attend any festivals this year for whatever reason, why don’t you throw your own mini fest in a field or even your back garden? Contact us directly and see what we can offer you in terms of unique, stella entertainment. Just send an email to with some details and we’ll get back to you.


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