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A WI Stick It On…

Stick It On

If any event to prove that the Stick It On concept works for anyone, anywhere then a recent evening held by the Ebrington branch of the Women’s Institute (WI) in the Cotswolds is the one. Having had the concept explained and suggested to them as an interesting idea for their monthly meeting, the ladies of the WI branch agreed to host their own version of a Stick It On party. Obviously, it wasn’t the usual type of Stick It On event – there were no disco lights or a dancefloor for starters! What fifteen of the branch members did was to choose one song that meant something to them to be put into a playlist. After each piece of music had been played, the person who chose it had a few minutes to chat about why that particular tune was special to them.

Anyone can Stick It On…

It’s a fair bet that the Red Dwarf theme tune, Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Were Made for Walking and the National Anthem haven’t rubbed shoulders on the same playlist before, but on this night they did. We think it’s fantastic that two things you would normally think of as being incompatible – Stick It On and the Women’s Institute – actually found  a connection. That music was the connection just goes to show how universal it really is, and using our concept to bring it to a WI meeting makes us very happy.

Stick It On

The report we had back was that everyone really enjoyed the evening, both hearing the music picked and especially the stories behind each selection. If the good ladies of a WI branch in the countryside can Stick It On, then so can you! Whatever your party, charity event or group get together, the Stick It On concept will make for a great addition to the evening.

You can listen to the Ebrington WI’s Stick It On playlist here.

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