Pre-event Organisation and DJ Registration for our Clients

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– SIO will set up a dedicated microsite (an emailable invitation). It has details of the date and location of your party, together with an explanation of how SIO works: most importantly, though, it also incorporates an ‘apply to DJ’ section, allowing your guests to send all their details directly through to our office.

– A deadline date for DJ applications will be included on the microsite: we then collate all the setlists and get back to you, advising which sets we think you should include and what order they should go in: we will do this based on building up the music to a crescendo at the end of the night and ensuring that there is a little something musically for all ages and all tastes.

– We will source and supply all of the DJs music for them to play at the party.

DJ Registration via our microsite

We build a dedicated microsite for guests to log into and register their DJ sets.  The microsite gives some basic event information (event date, venue and address) as well as information explaining the Stick It On concept.  Guests are invited to ‘Apply to DJ’ and submit their DJ details (three songs, DJ name and contact details).  We try to create microsites to fit a theme or design based on any event brief to maintain continuity with the overall design of the event.

Here are some examples of microsites we have created for our clients;
– Innocent Drinks Summer Party – Beach theme
– Centaur Awards and Christmas Party – Alpine theme
– Sky’s Annual Staff Festival – Skyfest
– Marketing Week’s Engage Awards – Cowboy Western Theme

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