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The Story of a Pangdean Wedding Reception Party

 Andy & Andi’s Pangdean Wedding Party

On Thursday 1st August 2013, we were delighted to host a Pangdean wedding reception party for Andy Bligh and Andi Bex. The couple had chosen the beautiful Pangdean Old Barn just outside Brighton as the venue on what turned out to be a lovely sunny day.

Andy and Andi first contacted us midway through 2012 when the then bride-to-be submitted an enquiry about our services and availability. Andi had heard of Stick It On through friends that had been to our events in the past. After some introductory emails explaining the concept in more detail, Andy and Andi decided Stick It On would be the perfect way to end their big day.

Pangdean Wedding DJ

The next stage of the journey involved us building a dedicated mini website featuring a photo of the happy couple. Via this microsite, guests submitted three song mini-DJ sets to be played during the Pangdean wedding party. Once Andy & Andi had approved the microsite’s design, we made it live for DJ set submissions. Over the coming months we provided Andi with weekly updates regarding the DJ set submissions. In addition to this, Andy & Andi were able to make the final decision as to which should be played.

Ain’t no party like a Pangdean wedding party!

The chosen DJs were informed in advance via email and text messages as to what they needed to do. Having set up our equipment at Pangdean Old Barn on the afternoon of the big day, we played an uptempo warm up set. Then it was the turn of the bride & groom and eighteen of the happy couple’s friends and family. They took to the decks in turn and created a very special Stick It On party. The assembled guests and superstar DJs kept the dancefloor rocking right up until the last tune of the night.

Pangdean Wedding DJ

We took some great photos of the Pangdean wedding party, which you can see here. Our involvement with Andy and Andi’s wedding didn’t end that day. As part of our service, we provide the client’s with CDs or digital playlists of the music played. The DJs themselves were also contacted after the party to thank them for getting involved and making the night so memorable. As many of our guest DJs go on to book us for events, we know that we deliver a service that strikes the right chord whatever the occassion.

We create interactive club nights, inspired corporate events and alternative wedding receptions that will pack the dance floor all night long. If you would like to discuss anything related to this blog post or our services in general, please contact us via email at

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