Our Fees Explained: – Where the Value Lies

Our fees explained…

We like to be open and up front at Stick It On, so here’s our fees explained. The guests who get to DJ at a Stick It On private party partake in an event that has been organised over a number of weeks and months. This is our whole raison d’être: giving someone the hassle free experience of what it’s like to DJ in front of a crowd. The behind the scenes work that goes into delivering this memorable experience begins with an initial enquiry that may come in to us up to a year before an event.

Once a booking has been confirmed, the process of realizing the event begins and involves administrative work (invoices, contracts, weekly updates), music sourcing and purchasing, dedicated event specific micro-website design,  and poster design and printing (of individual DJ names and DJ running order). These and many other steps are all completed with regular communications to a client before a ‘party pack’ is handed over to a DJ host.

Our fees explained

Where the value lies…

Is it costly in terms of time and money? Yes is the short answer, we believe that Stick It On delivers real value for money and we spend as long as is required to deliver an event that lives up to a clients expectations. Financially, the cost of delivering a private party, for example, is over £120. That might not seem a lot in isolation, but when you have, say,  20 events in a relatively short space of time that requires a lot of time and a hefty outlay. The same goes for the time dedicated to an event, which is over twelve hours per booking sometimes with multiple events being held on the same date.

When you factor in our competitive prices, sense of inclusiveness and ability to deliver an intimate experience to a specific group of friends/family and/or colleagues, it all pays off when clients tell us how much value we added to their respective events.

Our fees explained

We create interactive club nights, inspired corporate events and alternative wedding receptions that will pack the dance floor all night long. If you would like to discuss anything related to this blog post or our services in general, send an email to ysobel@stickiton.org.uk

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