New kids on the block



Over the last couple of years Stick It On has really seen its business grow.  No more so than in the wedding sector having now booked in almost 50 weddings this year, an achievement we are very proud of.  The majority of the enquiries that come in are based in the South East but we are seeing more enquiries coming in from further afield.  With any enquiry we always price in our travel costs, obviously the further afield from our  base in Brighton the higher these costs are. Unfortunately, this often prices us out of contention for an event.

This has prompted the long term ambition of looking into the various models of expanding around the country. The chosen path currently is to franchise Stick It On into different territories around the country using local DJ talent to become our ambassadors.  Over the last few months we’ve found our first franchisee – Chris from GO-DJ based in High Wycombe –  trained him on running Stick It On events and seen him successfully host two weddings prompting great feedback from our wedding clients (see below).

With more events booked in for him over the rest of this year we are hoping that we can build a case study based on Chris’s achievements with in mind of looking into expanding into two new territories later this year.

Hoping for exciting times ahead.

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