Marketing Week Annual Awards

Stick It On was booked  to provide the after-show entertainment for the Marketing Week’s annual awards hosted by Graham Norton at Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.  The brief was to provide our unique branded entertainment to help engage and entertain the guests after the awards and dinner.

The first stage was to build a microsite which would be sent to all the guests inviting them to sign up and become a ‘Superstar DJ’ for 15 glorious minutes on the night. We designed our site based on the event theme of the ‘Wild West’ and used elements of the Marketing Week Engage Awards website to keep the continuity throughout the different media platforms.

Marketing Week’s Engage Awards home page


Stick It On’s microsite for the event

Stick It On Microsite

Guests could sign up by clicking the ‘To Apply For Your 15 Minutes Click Here’ button which took them to this online form (below).

Sign Up Form

Once the form was filled in and submitted, the guests were informed their selection had been added to a draw to be pulled a couple of days before the event.  The setlist was logged into a spreadsheet and regular updates were sent to the client/event organiser.

Marketing Week Spreadsheet

Once the deadline had passed, we sent the final list to the client who drew the number of sets required to fill the time out of a hat.  We contacted  the lucky ones, informing them of their date with destiny behind the decks, and thanked those who hadn’t been picked for taking the time to send in a DJ request form.  We then sourced all the DJs’ music, letting them know we would introduce ourselves during dinner to go over all the details and allocate a time slot.

On the day of the event we sound checked and tested our AV (audio visual) feeds.   Our visual show included a DJ Cam, Crowd Cam, still photography, bespoke animated images, Marketing Week logos and visuals.  All of this content was then mixed together by our own VJ on the night.

Marketing Week Stage

Once the sound check was completed we waited for the guests to arrive.

Marketing Week Annual Awards

At dinner we located our DJs and told them of their time slot. We also asked them to pose for a photo for posterity.

Marketing Week Fun

Once our DJs were primed and ready, we awaited our set time with eager anticipation.  To say our DJs were nervously excited would be a slight understatement!


Marketing Week DJ Hype!

‘Elephants Can’t Jump is a brand building, innovation and research agency so music is a BIG part of our office culture – we all have our own playlists and we rock Spotify all day every day. We also like having a good time so choosing which songs to play for the Engage Awards was centred around ensuring everyone would have a good time and get up on the dance floor – classics was what it was all about – Michael Jackson, James Brown and a little more current, but still classic Fatboy Slim.

Stick It On have a really great concept – one of the most successful ways to get people together and to break down barriers is through music. I would definitely recommend Stick It On, not just for award ceremonies, but for a variety of company events that require elements of engagement, teambuilding, entertainment.

So getting up to DJ was an awesome feeling – seeing everyone get up and dance, having a great time was just brilliant and one of my best ultimate adrenaline rushes! I felt great afterwards, I even had attendees applauding outside the hotel when I left and another attendee sent an email to our agency the following morning to say well done and that they enjoyed our set!’

DJ Trunk & Soul aka Debbie Tembo


‘Stick it On brought the party to life at the Marketing Week Engage Awards – from choosing our tracks, through to taking centre stage on the night, DJing was the highlight of our evening!’

 Beans DJ aka Jackie Beans

Marketing Week Dancing

A fun experience and a great chance to have a go at DJing to a crowded dance floor! Stick It On were there with all the guidance we needed. A brilliant way to add something extra to the evening!

Stick It On was an awesome experience – my fifteen minutes of fame as a superstar DJ.  I got to play and mix my favourite songs and with expert guidance, I managed to get the whole crowd on their feet.

Clemlea aka Adam Clemson and Emma Lea

Dancing DJ Marketing Week

Stick it On was fantastic!  I simply entered my three favourite songs on-line prior to the event and received an email and text stating that I was one of the lucky winners.  When I received the text I felt a little nervous. However the guys came and met me on the night to explain the process which completely put me at ease.

A few hours later I was rocking the decks…what else can I say other than AMAZING! I had such a blast.  For a moment there I thought I was David Guetta as the dance floor was jumping.

And BIG thanks to Rob and the Team for showing me the ropes and making me look like a super star DJ (or so I believed in my head)!  It was a fantastic experience and would highly recommend Stick It On to everyone.

I genuinely loved it and would do it again!

DJ Love Lee aka Claire Lee

And the crowd looked like they enjoyed it too!!

Marketing Week Crowd

A fantastic night that we were very proud and pleased to have contributed to.


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