Managing the DJs on the Night for Parties


– All DJs are contacted via email and text to confirm that they have been selected to play at the event. We will explain all the key information about their DJ set, and are happy to answer any questions that they might have.

– On the night, A3 colour running order posters detailing the names of all your SIO DJs will be posted prominently on walls around the venue.

– All the DJs will be asked to check in with the SIO compere on arrival, at which point they will be given the approximate time of their DJ set.

– Each guest DJ is introduced over the mic by their chosen DJ name, thus ensuring that the crowd gets right behind them.  They are then given brief technical guidance by the DJ host, and their set will begin.  Whilst the DJs last track is playing, the compere will help cue up the next DJs first song: on completion of each DJs set, the compere comes back onto the mic, thanks the DJ and then introduces the next: the music then starts immediately, avoiding any pauses.

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