Make It A Cool Yule With SIO This Xmas


Stick It On is the perfect Christmas party entertainment.  Don’t take our word on it, here are some testimonials from previous Christmas’ gone by.

“This was the first Ricochet Christmas party I have attended and organised and I am still being told by many people: “In five years of business this has been the best party.” Not a single person had any complaints and for 140 people that’s pretty amazing! The lucky DJs had an amazing time on the decks while the rest of the company supported them with some pretty nifty dance moves! As soon as I arrived at The Hanbury my job of organising the event was over. You guys took control and sorted everything out. It was perfect – I was able to let my hair down and enjoy the night along with everyone else. I would definitely hire the Stick It On team for future parties – it was fantastic. A massive thanks from all of us at Ricochet.”


“Everyone loved it. They did their own Stick It On at last year’s Christmas party but having the DJs’ names etc. just gave it an edge. People that you didn’t think would do it, did, and you learnt a bit more about them through their music! Well organised and nice that the DJ had an assistant wandering around finding the next DJ.”


“Stick It On and, in particular, the lovely Rob, really made our Christmas party go with a bang. I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone who is looking to create the best atmosphere possible at any party. Thanks again!”


“Everyone had a brilliant time, even the cynics who had not wanted to take part. I had so many emails thanking me for organising it and everyone’s hoping we’ll be able to book Stick It On again. This year we had just enough DJs to fill the time, next year I am sure there will be a massive waiting list.”


“Thank you so much. We had such a wonderful Christmas party. It was fun and easy to manage. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who wants to let their hair down and have an amazing time!”


Send our Head Elf Mitch an enquiry ( and we’ll get back to you with info and prices.

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