July: A record breaking month for events

Along with the Christmas party season, the summer months are generally our busiest period here at Stick It On. Year on year we’ve seen the number of weddings we do between June-September grow, and in July we hosted the largest number of events in a single month that the company has ever pulled off. The Stick It On name was behind 25 individual events in 31 days, ranging from a joint 40th birthday party to an end of term staff party, with a BBC staff party and our usual glut of summer weddings thrown into the mix.


The last weekend of the month, and specifically Saturday 30th will go down in the Stick It On history books as the day we hosted 6 different events at 6 different locations around the South East. How is that possible you may ask? Well, thanks to our trusted team of DJ hosts and our own organisational skills we were able to remotely manage the events from the splendid surroundings of Lulworth Castle, where we were hosting the First Choice Holiday Island for the weekend. For such a small company, we’re rightly proud that all of the events went off without a hitch – a big corporate booking, a birthday party and four wedding reception parties.


It’s a really satisfying feeling to know that a small team can and will work together so hard to bring some fun into people’s lives, and nothing gives us greater pleasure than to receive the kind of feedback from happy clients as we did over this period.

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