How Stick It On is more intimate than a regular DJ


Though Stick It On is a DJ service and we do play warm up sets at parties, the real stars of an event are the guests. Those attendees who get behind the decks to play three of their favourite songs do something that a regular DJ never could; they play songs that often have a direct meaning or memory relating to the birthday girl/boy or newly married couple. It’s this bond between the guest DJ, the song and the people throwing the party that makes what we do stand out from a regular DJ service. As a regular DJ wouldn’t know to have many of the songs available to play, our unique pre-party registration service guarantees that these special moments can happen.

A perfect illustration of this came at a recent wedding party we hosted for Chris and Selina at The Square Tower in Portsmouth. A look through the DJ spreadsheet of songs that were submitted told us that Chris, Selina and a good number of their guests were fans of rock music, not a genre that your average wedding DJ would generally think to play at a wedding party. Chris and Selina’s own set included a track by Queens of the Stone Age and other bands to feature during the course of the guest DJ slots included Foo Fighters, Pulled Apart By Horses and Muse. In this day and age there’s no reason for the music at a special event not to be exactly what the hosts and guests want to hear, and Stick It On enables that it is, whether it’s rock, pop, funk or any combination you can think of.


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