Stick It On at Hotel du Vin

We were delighted to be booked in to host a wedding reception party for Mel Dean and Lee Nurse at Hotel du Vin. Stick It On knows the venue well, the staff are great and they have a beautiful space for a party. As is always the case with a Stick It On wedding party, we had taken the booking many months previous. As our whole concept revolves around guests submitting their favourite songs in advance of DJing them during a party early bookings work perfectly. It gives the clients and guests plenty of time to think about the songs they would like to play without feeling rushed into choosing.

Hotel du Vin

Hotel du Vin’s staff are approachable and accomodating, which makes life so much easier when you are organising a special party. Questions about set up times, parking logistics and technical matters were always answered swiftly. Mel and Lee were great clients and seemed to really enjoy being kept abreast of our pre-party organisation, right down to selecting the warm up music for the start of the party.

The beauty of a Stick It On party is that all age groups can get involved and all genres/eras of music are welcomed. The guests at Mel & Lee’s wedding party reached across the generations and musical tastes, making for a wondefully varied and memorable party.


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