Hawthbush Farm: A Stick It On Wedding

Hawthbush Farm, a Stick It On wedding…

Hawthbush Farm in Sussex is a beautiful venue for a wedding, and Stick It On love hosting parties there. Back in 2014, friends of Stick It On, Si & Lucy Collins, booked the venue and us for their wedding. Knowing who we are and what we do, Si & Lucy knew in advance that we’d be the evening entertainment. Their close circle of friends and family submitted a great selection of songs, guaranteeing a booty shaking dancefloor. With our pre-registration system all the music is chosen in advance, with clients getting to OK every tune to be heard. This is a great way of ensuring the music is exactly what clients want to hear at their wedding.

Hawthbush Farm

The party…

Including the bride & groom, fifteen guest DJs got behind the decks during the evening Stick It On party. There’s not much to beat a music filled party with a close group of friends in stunning surroundings. Hawthbush Farm is an ideal place for that to happen, and helps to create the intimate atmosphere required at weddings. Stick It On wedding parties involve a warm up set by one of our DJ hosts and then the main event: the guest DJs. It’s brilliant to see people of all ages playing songs from all eras and genres. Having worked out a running order beforehand, the DJ host ensures the music flows and builds to a climax. That’s the only bit of structuring we carry out, the rest is down to the songs picked by the guests.

Hawthbush Farm

The sounds of The Beastie Boys, Paul Simon and Marvin Gaye rubbed shoulders with Barry White and Faithless.  Old and new, rap, soul and dance – variety is indeed the spice of life at a Stick It On wedding party. We look forward to hosting our next wedding bash at Hawthbush Farm, as we know it’ll be a sure-fire success.

To listen to the guest DJs playlist from Si & Lucy’s wedding, click here to a Spotify playlist we’ve created..

Hawthbush Farm

To see all the photos we took of the party, click here

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