Happy New Year – See the photos!!

Happy New Year to one and all.  We hope 2015 has started well for you.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came down to our NYE bash at The Open House.  I think it was safe to say that it rocked.  We had such a great crowd of happy people that it was an absolute pleasure to be there.

And to prove it here are some of the photos

And here are a couple of nice comments sent over to SIO HQ


‘Hi Rob thanks for the pics!  Just wanted to say NYE was one of the best for us all that came in my group.  The NYE house party rocked the house quite literally, we had SO much fun, the pub looked great, the music was amaze and the vibe in there was abs awesome.  You created a truly incredible atmosphere, far far exceeding our expectations!!!!  

Thanks and can’t wait to do another stick it on.

Abs loved it.’



‘Hi Rob
 I just wanted to say that I have been to two stick it ons and both have been brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable. The open house was a good venue and was really well staffed.  Great crowd.

Cannot wait for the next one.


I think it’s safe to say that we are looking forward to the next one.  In the meantime here’s wishing you a happy and healthy 2015


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