Halloween Playlist

The View From SIO HQ: Halloween Playlist

Halloween Playlist…

We’re always knee-deep in music at Stick It On, and we love a good Halloween playlist. It’s that time again, so here’s a little trick and treat we’ve put together for all you guys and ghouls. Click on the pic below to have a listen to Stick It On’s Spooky Choons…

Halloween Playlist

Got any other songs you think we should add to the Halloween playlist? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to oblige.

A Midweek Gig…

We’re off the De Vere Wokefield Estate outside of Reading this week, to host a big corporate party and bring the Stick It On fun to a new crowd. The SIO concept never fails to go down well at corporate events, as it gives the attendees a chance to really let their collective hair down. As a team building exercise, we’ve been told by many a corporate client that SIO is a real winner. Job done!

As always, if you’d like to make an enquiry about our service or if you have any questions about anything relating to this piece, just email rob@stickiton.org.uk


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