Grittenham Barn

Stick It On at Grittenham Barn

Grittenham Barn

A Grittenham Barn Wedding…

If you’re searching for a great wedding venue, then Grittenham Barn should be on the list. This beautiful venue near Tillington, with views over the Sussex Downs, is very popular and highly rated. It was our very great pleasure to host the reception entertainment at Peter & Cara‘s wedding, where we delivered a memorable Stick It On party for all the guests. Luckily for a wedding held out of season in October, the weather was perfect for the happy couple’s big day. The combination of sunshine, family & friends and a great location set the perfect tone for the evening’s entertainment.

 Grittenham Barn

Grittenham Barn Rocks…

With everyone fully in the mood for a party, we saw a whopping 30 guest DJs spin some tunes for Peter & Cara’s wedding celebrations. A broad range of old favourites such as Otis Redding’s Respect, rubbed shoulders with 80s classics like Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax and contemporary dancefloor fillers including Daft Punk’s Around the World. It takes a lot of stamina and organisational skills to coordinate and facilitate that many guest DJs, but our DJ hosts are enthusiastic about and skilled at what they do.

Grittenham Barn

After kicking things off with the first guest DJ set, the bride and groom danced the night away to the songs their friends and family had chosen to play. The happy couple were delighted with the service Stick It On provided and all the guest DJs remarked on how much fun they’d had behind the decks. It’s that sort of positive feedback that makes it all worthwhile for us.

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