The DJ-aoke Sessions

» Fed up with the terrible singing and the show offs who think they should be on X-Factor?
» Have you previously booked Karaoke and Rockaoke and now want something different?

Why not give your team the opportunity to become Superstar DJs for 15, fame-filled minutes?
The package celebrates great music and gives a platform to those who like to show off to… well… show off!

A ‘Pop Up Party’ package, (a paper-part version of our App) allows guests to select their playlists on the night from catalogues of music bursting with enough floorfillers to keep even the most picky muso happy.

Guests pick three tracks, complete the attached DJ registration form, and submit their selections to one of the Stick It On crew. Using the latest DJ technology, we can get anyone behind the decks quicker than you can say Calvin Ha… to rattle the speakers with their killer choons, under the guidance of our expert crew.

Our catalogues can be tailor-made to suit the demographic of the party, or to follow a theme or suggestion from the client (i.e. 60s/70s/80s).

It’s a riotous round-robin of musical treats, ideal for a confident and fun-loving crowd!


  • An MC to host the event
  • Technical helper(s) to support the guest DJs in working the decks
  • Catalogues filled with hundreds of floorfillers
  • A branded mobile DJ Booth
  • Visual options available: DJ-cam and/or crowd-cam(s), big screens, bespoke background visuals expertly mixed by our VJ

Duration: 2 hours+


  • SIO will provide a warm up and end of night DJ set and we are quite happy for you to send in a playlist of tracks that you would like to hear.
  • Venue and availability permitting, Stick It On will bring along their mobile DJ booth (we can send a photo).
  • For an additional charge we can provide an event photographer to take photos and capture the event.

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