The Web App

Stick It On is very excited about their newly developed App, which will revolutionise the way guests interact with their event format.

No need to pre-register DJ sets before the event, as the downloadable, free web app enables guests to participate there and then.

Simply put, the Web App operates as a toolkit for an event allowing the guests to sign-up via iPads that are manned by one of our team or to visit our Web App whereby guests can submit their DJ sets via their own phones. The user is then able to browse through the carefully curated playlists, select songs and submit a setlist as their application to DJ at the event.

The DJ requests are received and entered into a draw with DJs being pulled ‘out the hat’ in a staggered order during the course of the night. A text message confirming the DJ with a set time is sent to the recipient’s phone.

The confirmed guest then makes their way to the DJ area, is given a bit of ‘superstar DJ’ VIP treatment (i.e a shot of tequila, a neck rub and a clean white towel) and then is led to the decks where they are guided by SIO’s technical helper to rock the dancefloor with their pre-chosen set.

Stick It On has taken advantage of the growing alliance between technology and events, allowing guests to get involved in an innovative, fun way.

As well as being robust and easy to use, the App has the potential of being a powerful marketing tool to help promote the event to a wider audience and give a unique user experience.


  • An MC to host the event
  • Technical helper(s) to support the guests using the Web App and DJs in working the decks
  • Bespoke playlists focused on the events demographic
  • A branded mobile DJ Booth
  • Visual options available: includes DJ-cam and/or crowd-cam(s), big screens, quirky bespoke background visuals expertly mixed by our VJ

Duration: 2 hours+


  • SIO will provide a warm up and end of night DJ set and we are quite happy for you to send in a playlist of tracks that you would like to hear.
  • Venue permitting and availability, Stick It On will bring along their mobile DJ booth (we can send a photo).
  • For an additional charge we can provide an event photographer to take photos and capture the event.

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