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10 Great End of Night Songs…

10 Great End of Night Songs…

Choosing the end of night songs for parties is no easy task. Every event is different and so is every crowd on a dancefloor. Do they want some disco? EDM? A seventies classic? A DJ on top of his game will judge what’s gone down well over the course of the night and should have a bank of titles to dip into for the final song of the evening.

In Stick It On’s case, we must plan the whole party based on the music that’s been submitted by the guests. Putting the chosen music into a workable running order that builds to a climax is an artform, and one we’ve honed over the years. Here’s ten tunes we’ve found all go down a storm as end of night songs.

You Got the Love (The Source and Candi Staton

Mr Brightside (The Killers)

Sweet Caroline (Neil Diamond)

We Could Have Been Anything… (Bugsy Malone)

Freedom ’90 (George Michael)

Don’t Leave Me This Way (The Communards)

It Must Be Love (Madness)

We Are Family (Sister Sledge)

Together in Electric Dreams (Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder)

Praise You (Fatboy Slim)

Are there any others that you think should be added to the list? Any you’ve heard at a party that stood out as being great end of night songs? If so, let us know by emailing


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