Don’t Stick It On: The Banned List!

The essence of Stick It On is about being inclusive embracing all musical genres. For us there are only two types of music – good and bad – as you can find fantastic moments of creativity in all areas, whether it be a 3 minute pop song, a country sing-a-long or a 9 minute electronic dance masterpiece that takes you on a mind-blowing aural journey.  However, good and bad is a contentious/debatable issue.  What we might think is a great tune somebody might hate and on the flip side a song that we dislike, someone else might absolutely love.

As DJs we have sometimes looked at a set list of songs that have been picked for the night by our budding Stick It On DJs and have scratched our heads in dismay at some of the songs that have been picked and approved by the client (i.e. wedding couple or birthday boy/girl). There are some songs that we would never play or would have the guts to play at a party as in our minds they run the risk of clearing the dance floor. How wrong can we be?  The answer is, very.  We’ve lost track of the amount of times a song that we would deem as being a poor choice has absolutely, categorically smashed it on the dance floor.  It highlights how emotive songs can be give, a snapshot to a group of family or friends of a moment of their life, bringing them back together like the first time they heard that song. It’s why we love music.

However, there is a point when we have to draw the line. We love music but there are a very small list of songs or artists we have blacklisted and will refuse to play.   If you have to ask why? They’re SHIT and NO you are not being ironic.

The main culprit (and this should be of no surprise to anyone) is ’Black Lace’.

The only time we would make exceptions and allow any songs from this group to be played are;

1) If you are the artist/band who wrote the song.  Then fair enough if you want to stand up there and play your own dirge then be our guests.

2) If we can change their DJ name to ‘I’m a bit of a Wanker:)’

3) Actually, forget it, any reason is not going to be good enough for this to be played.

Other songs and artists banned so far are;

– The Tweets – The Birdie Song

– Aqua – Barbie Girl

– Anything by The Vengaboys.

I hope this clarifies our stance on this matter and we will be adding to the list as and when we deem it appropriate.

Stick It On


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