Christmas Party season is just around the corner…

As much as we’re all clinging to the idea of it still being summer, it’s wise to remember that it’s only a couple of months until December. That means Christmas party season is just around the corner, and that’s a big deal if you’re the one organising it for your company this year! It’s a pretty big job arranging a works Christmas party, you’ve got to think about the venue, the food, a theme if you’re having one and, of course, the entertainment and music!


That’s where Stick It On comes in as we provide both the entertainment and music, or rather you do with our expert help! We know from years of experience that Stick It On is ideal for staff parties as it’s inclusive, interactive and great fun. What better way to make sure that the music is right than by choosing it and playing it yourselves? How about adding a bit of competitive fun while you Stick It On by getting departmental teams to have a DJ face-off with the rest of their colleagues deciding on the winner?


We have a number of tried and tested formats that work for Christmas parties, so we’re adaptable and happy to fit in with your plans for the event.  We can cater for small, medium or large companies as our one-size fits all concept never fails to fill the dancefloor and bring people together.

If you’re interested in booking us for a Christmas party, just fill in the online form here.

We’ve also got a nice offer available here for anyone who books with us before the end of October.


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