Choosing your corporate DJ set

Choosing your DJ set…

Choosing your DJ set is the most important part of preparing for any Stick It On party. Initially you might think it’s easy, you’ll just stick three great songs down and that’s that. But will the songs you choose fit the event you’re attending? Do the three songs work well together as one set? How do you pick just three songs from the countless hundreds that you love?

Once you start to think about choosing your DJ set you’ll realise it takes quite a bit of thought. You may LOVE Rage Against the Machine’s Killing in the Name of, but will it suit a corporate event? We know from experience that people who agonise over what to play are the people that really get it. Have a dozen or so songs in mind to whittle down to a final three . A three song set needs to flow – two up-tempo electro songs followed by a slow acoustic track is going to sound strange. It will also break up the rhythm on the dancefloor. However, a chilled out number flowing into a mid-tempo tune finished off by a high energy anthem will work. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how DJs build their sets.

The right songs for the right party…

You’ll know in advance the type of event you’ll be attending and can make safe assumptions about what the atmosphere will be like. Use that as your starting point for choosing your DJ set, and ideas for the right songs will soon follow. You’ll probably change your mind and start again, get frustrated and have your mind go blank – but when you settle on your set, play it and the dancefloor responds it will have all been worthwhile.

Choosing your DJ set

If you’d like any further advice on choosing your DJ set for a Stick It On party you’ll be attending, just send an email to and he’ll be happy to help.

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