Stick It On: A Blagclub Party

A Blagclub Party…

Stick It On were delighted to be booked to host a Blagclub party recently. We’re always keen to check out new venues, and the Blagclub had been on our radar for a while. We were booked to host a joint 40th birthday party for Tim Howman and Al Laycock, friends who wanted something a little different for their birthday bash. With a late license and a 100+ capacity, the Blagclub was perfect for Tim and Al’s party plans. Once we’d confirmed our availability, the booking soon followed and Tim and Al’s guests began to register their DJ sets.

Blagclub Party

A London gig on a Saturday night is always going to be a lively affair, and Tim & Al’s Blagclub party didn’t disappoint. 22 guest DJs rocked the Blagclub dancefloor into the wee small hours with our Stick It On DJ host showing them the ropes behind the decks. The friendly bar staff and stylish decor in the Blagclub helped create a great atmosphere for the birthday boys and their guests. The music was as eclectic as all Stick It On parties, with The Prodigy rubbing shoulders with Randy Crawford, Erasure and Duran Duran. The birthday boys played a solo set and two joint sets, top and tailing all the other guest DJs and ending the night with Massive Attack’s classic Unfinished Sympathy.

Blagclub Party

Will you Stick It On?

So now we know that a Blagclub party is a real winner and Stick It On works brilliantly in the venue. Tim and Al were delighted with the venue and Stick It On, so it was a job well done all round. If you’re interested in our private, wedding or corporate party services, drop an email to

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