Stick It On: Being an Angel House Wedding DJ

Stick It On at Angel House…

Being booked as an Angel House wedding DJ is something we always look forward to. We’ve been lucky enough to host two wedding receptions there in the past year, both very successful and memorable. An Angel House wedding DJ gets to perform in a stunning venue with the added bonus of sea views. It’s been our pleasure to host Stick It On wedding parties for Stephen & Philip and Laura & James most recently.

Both happy couples made initial enquiries regarding our unique, interactive DJ services a number of months before their respective big days. As we know the venue and were available, we were delighted to be able to confirm bookings for both weddings. Our pre-party organisation involved creating a dedicated website for each wedding through which guests could register to DJ.  We also kept in touch regularly with both couples regarding the number of DJ set submissions.

Once the deadline had passed, both couples were handed the final list of DJ set submissions to pick from.  Choosing which sets would be played involves a number of elements; the length of the party, the best combination of songs and balancing the input from family and friends spanning all generations.

Angel House Wedding DJ

Angel House Wedding DJ…

Our unique, interactive DJ service went down a storm at both weddings. Stick It On gives wedding parties an added, cherished feel of intimacy. Where else can family and friends get to play songs in celebration of their loved ones’ special day? Stick It On also gives guests the chance to play songs that hold special meaning or bring back fond memories. The combination of such a beautiful venue with our original DJ service is a sure fire winner for any wedding reception party.

Angel House Wedding DJ

Photos courtesy of George Rutter Photography

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