Alternative Christmas Entertainment: Be a superstar DJ

Does your annual staff Christmas party need a bit of a freshen up? Are your colleagues in need of some alternative Christmas entertainment? Well then Stick It On is the answer to all your problems!

Alternative Christmas Entertainment

At a Stick It On Christmas party you and your colleagues get to let your hair down and be the DJ at the same time. How does that work you ask? It’s simple:

  • We’ll build a mini-website invite with all the details of the Christmas party, your company logo and any additional information required
  • Anyone interested in DJing can register through a link on the website with a DJ name and three of their favourite tunes. If they are chosen to DJ we’ll source all the music for them.
  • On the night, we’ll get up all the selected guest DJs in turn and guide them through the process of playing their songs to a dance floor packed with their work colleagues

alternative Christmas entertainment

It’s that easy and never fails to get a great response as Dave from accounts and Linda from HR spin tunes to help their work mates to shake their tail-feathers in celebration of the Christmas holidays! Guests can DJ on their own or form a team

A Stick It On Christmas party is uniquely inclusive, and our returning clients are testament to that fact. We have over ten years experience of providing alternative Christmas entertainment,  interactive club nights, inspired corporate events and  wedding receptions. If you would like to discuss anything related to this blog post or our services in general, send an email to

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