A new name in entertainment… Deckstination Unknown!

We received an unusual enquiry a few weeks ago, to host a Stick It On party during which two musicians would perform live alongside us. Intrigued as to how this would work, and always open to trying new things within the tried and tested Stick It On concept, we packed up the van and headed down to Cambridge on Monday 16th January for the gig. Appearing as the entertainment at an after-conference awards party, we teamed up with a percussionist and a saxophonist – none of us quite knowing what the results would be – and proceeded to bring the house down with a mix of classic tunes and live, improvised accompaniment.


On that night a new and exciting Stick It On format was born… Deckstination Unknown! We sign people up to DJ as usual and then, when the tunes are played, our intrepid musicians give the music an extra special touch with their own on-the-spot jamming. For a real feel of how it looked and sounded, check out the video clip here.



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