Wedding Case Study; Roger & Caroline

We know there are lots of questions to ask with whether Stick It On is the right fit for your wedding celebration. We think it is, but hopefully, this case study will help your decision.

Please check out the following to hopefully give you a good overall perspective of their wedding, the guests’ involvement, their music, pictures from the party and a video interview from Roger & Caroline on Stick It On’s role in their wedding celebration.

Firstly, all the guests were sent info on the plan’s for the evening party asking guests to submit their DJ set via this online form which was embedded into Caroline and Roger’s wedding website.

Roger & Caroline picked these DJ sets out of the submissions to play on the night. We sourced all the music and confirmed those that had been selected that they will be DJing on the night.

Here are the official pictures from Victoria Yates of the evening celebrations.

This is Harriet enjoying herself as mentioned in the interview πŸ™‚

Lastly, here is a short video interview with Roger and Caroline about their Stick It On experience.

We hope this gives you a good overview of the part we would love to play in your celebrations.