The Stick It On Payment Plan

We understand paying out a large chunk of money in one go can bring on unwanted money pressures, so we’ve come up with different payment plans to suit your budget.

Done & Dusted**
100% upfront payment will get you 10% off the package price (not inclusive of travel/transport costs.)

Our Standard Payment Plan**
50% paid in advance as a deposit to confirm the booking and 50% to be paid on the week of the event. (not inclusive of travel/transport costs.)

Little Here and There**
Break the cost down into instalments spread over as many weeks or months that suits you. All we’ll do is add an extra 5% to the cost to cover our admin*. (not inclusive of travel/transport costs.)

Hopefully, the above options will help your budgeting and ease any affordability concerns you may have.

Please feel free to drop an email with any thoughts or suggestions on ways that will best suit your budget. He’ll endeavour to work with you to ensure you are able to book a Stick It On event and keep those financial plates spinning.

**Please note this offer is not in conjunction with the ‘refer a friend discount’.

*Therefore;  If the total cost of our event is £800 we’ll add 5% admin fee of £40  = £840 split over say 8 monthly instalments  = £105 for each monthly instalment.