The ‘Wedding Gift’ Package

Wedding Gift List

The Wedding Gift package: We appreciate that the budget for a wedding can easily spiral out of control. With this in mind we have devised a package that delivers a Stick It On party but gives you two unique options to spread the cost and make it more affordable.

Option 1 – Add services to your Wedding Gift List for guests to pay for as a gift to you: This is our basic package that offers a number of add-ons a happy couple can pick and choose from based on what they can afford.  They then include the add-ons onto the ‘Wedding List’ for guests to buy for them as their wedding gift.

Option 2 – Nominate trusted friend(s) to oversee some simple tasks: We’ll allocate some key roles and responsibilities for a guest/or guests to take charge of with our guidance. We’ve called this our ‘Wedding Gift’ package as we think that this pre-organisation could be allocated to a reliable person who we’ll then liaise with and help to complete the task(s).

The standard package will consist of;

• Hosting and presenting Stick It On at the wedding reception. This includes; warm up DJ set from our professional DJ host, announcing and playing first dance (if you are having one), hosting and facilitating some of your guests to become DJ superstars and an end of night set if required/time allows.

• We will provide PA, decks, lighting and all the necessary equipment to deliver Stick It On, although the PA and lighting will have a slightly lower specification and our DJ Booth will not be available.

• No dedicated website as standard but a dedicated online form for guests to log their request to DJ.

• No printed inserts to accompany the wedding invitation announcing Stick It On’s attendance at the wedding and explaining its concept to the guests. Instead an email with the relevant information and the URL link to the dedicated form will be supplied to send out to the guests.

• A weekly DJ update will be sent to the happy couple (commencing 4 weeks from the wedding date) with an agreed deadline date in which to receive all DJ requests by. Once the deadline has past the definitive list of DJs will be sent to the couple who will then pick the DJs they want to play under the guise of a draw. The guests will then need to be contacted. This is either an add-on service that we can manage or a key person could be responsible for contacting everyone who submitted a playlist, confirming those that have been picked (via email and text) and sending an email to those that haven’t been picked thanking them for their time. Both email and text templates will be supplied by Stick It On.

• No music sourced or supplied for guest DJs. Instead, the choice is either a) each guest DJ can either be responsible for supplying their own songs b) a guest can source and supply everybody’s music or c) pay for us to manage this. Instructions on how to source and supply this music will be provided by Stick It On if required.

• The standard package only covers Stick It On for up to 5 hours. Any extra hours will be charged at £50 an hour. In addition, we also charge a travel allowance of £50 per 100 hundred miles travelled for this package.


  • We can provide extra lighting, sound, AV equipment, photo booths, silent disco headsets, dance floors and staging upon request.
  • George Rutter Professional Wedding Photographer, with ten years experience. A reliable and creative photographer to capture your special night. Stick It On’s preferred event photographer for over seven years. Now also offering ‘video dairy’ packages (see below).
  • SIO provide a ‘video diary’ service: Our camera operator will set up a DV-cam, mics and audio mixer in an ante room off the main reception area against a pleasant backdrop: guests are invited to come along in pairs or groups and leave a short message for the bride and groom. You then have the option of our editing and burning this to DVD for you or you can take away the rushes and have this done yourself. Price available on request.

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