DJ Democracy

If you’re bored to tears of cheesy discos with DJs playing the same old songs and think you could do better, this is your big chance!

Get up on stage, spin some tunes and become a superstar DJ for 15 glorious minutes!

DJing on your own, in pairs or in small teams, get behind the wheels of steel and spin three or four of your favourite tracks and revel as your colleagues burn up the dancefloor.

No DJ experience is necessary as you will be guided through the process to DJ superstardom by our technical helpers. So, even if you don’t know the difference between a turntable and a dining table, you can still get involved and get the room jumping with some top choonage.

Before the big night, guests who wish to spin their favourite tunes can register their interest through the event’s dedicated website. Once you’ve submitted your tracks and given yourself an appropriate DJ name (Vinyl Ritchie, DJ Darth Fader, Bob Funkhouse, for example) anything between 8 and 18 DJ sets will be chosen to perform on the night. The number of DJ sets chosen will be guided by the amount of time available for Stick It On.

Our DJ team (all professionals) will ensure the night works musically by choosing the best sets and running order and ensuring there is an appropriate gender split and mix of musical genres.

The night will kick off with a short DJ set from one of our team to get everyone in the party mood. The MC will then introduce the guest DJs before guiding them around the decks to play their music to an enthusiastic dancefloor packed with friends and colleagues.

There is also the opportunity to up the ante, visually, with DJ and crowd cams that will be beamed onto big screens around the venue along with quirky visuals, logos and messages – just like Fatboy Slim!

Who is ‘The Supreme Choon Selector’ in your organisation? Only the crowd’s reaction indicates who really knows how to rock the dancefloor! If there’s time left, our team of DJs can then round off the festivities with an anthemic set which will have the dancefloor rocking so much you’ll think the roof will rip off!


  • An MC to host the event
  • Technical helper(s) to support the guest DJs in working the decks
  • A branded mobile DJ Booth
  • Visual options available: includes DJ-cam and/or crowd-cam(s), big screens, quirky bespoke background visuals expertly mixed by our VJ

Duration: 2 hours+


  • SIO will provide a warm up and end of night DJ set and we are quite happy for you to send in a playlist of tracks that you would like to hear.
  • Venue permitting and availability, Stick It On will bring along their mobile DJ booth (we can send a photo).
  • For an additional charge we can provide an event photographer to take photos of the event.

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