Watch The Interview Tapes

Here are six short interviews kindly-given by a client from a large well-known corporation that booked Stick It On for their corporate event.

We hope that these testimonials will answer some of your own questions and help with your decision-making process on why booking Stick It On for your event is a great idea.

We asked these questions;

  • Why did you pick Stick It On for your event?
  • Were you pleased with how it contributed to your evening celebrations?
  • Did you have any resistance when explaining the Stick It On concept to your colleagues?
  • Can you comment on the pre-event organisation?
  • What was the feedback from your colleagues?
  • Can you remember any stand out moments?
  • How did you feel before your DJ set?
  • How did you feel after your DJ set?
  • What three words best describe your experience?
  • What was your DJ name?
  • Would you recommend Stick It On as an entertainment option for a company party?

Kate – The Event Planner:

The DJs: