Stick It On – More bang for your bucks

If you’re on a budget, no problem! We’ve created a version of Stick It On that’s more friendly to your wallet so you’ll still be able to have your 15 minutes of fame behind the decks. Time organising Stick It On events is where our largest costs lie.  Therefore, we’ve a format that saves us time* that means we can save you money.  Instead of us building a mini-website for your guests to select their choons in advance we can sign up guests on the night itself with our easy to follow Stick It On web app. The SIO DJ host will arrive at your party to set up, plugin and get the party started. You and your guests will be able to select your DJ sets from a choice of our playlists and then it’s onto the decks to spin your choons.

What the price includes:

  • Hosting and presenting Stick It On with a warmup DJ set and end of night set if required.
  • We will provide PA, decks, lighting and all the necessary equipment to deliver Stick It On if the venue does not have all or part of this in-house.
  • This package covers up to 5 hours of performance time.  Stick It On will charge £50 an hour for any time past this allotted period.

“Stick It On is a completely awesome extra for literally any party. It brings together so many of the things that make a gathering into a fun event. Great chance to take turns showing off your favourite choons like proper superstar DJs, with the right balance of silliness and professionalism to make it just an easy laugh. SIO have been doing this for yonks, right back to nightclub nights and festivals years ago – they really know how to work with a party crowd. I’ve seen Stick It On many, many people happy. Including me!” – David Englert

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in contact or call  for a chat 01273 782585

*Our biggest costs; microsite build, compiling and sourcing music, liaising with clients and DJs