Wedding Pre-event Organisation and DJ Registration

Stick It On Wedding-49

– SIO will set up a dedicated microsite (an emailable invitation) and/or hard copy invitations to send out to your guests (if required): the microsite can include an image of you (see below example): it has details of the date and location of your wedding, together with an explanation of how SIO works: most importantly, though, it also incorporates an ‘apply to DJ’ section, allowing your guests to send all their details directly through to our office: the hard copy invites, (useful for those who may not have easy access to the internet), allow prospective DJs to either phone or text their details through to us.

– A deadline date for DJ applications will be  included on both kinds of invite: we then collate all the setlists and keep you regularly updated , advising which sets we think you should include  and what order they should go in: we will do this based on building up the music to a crescendo at the end of the night and ensuring that there is a little something musically for all ages and all tastes.

– Some couples like to send out an open invitation to all their guests, i.e. family both old and young and friends: other couples prefer to hand pick who will play, but we think the former option is the better as it gives you greater variety and more setlists from which to choose.  Also, people always surprise you with what they select: you might not expect Great Aunt Maude to pull out a  few corkers from  the 60’’s but that’’s the nature of Stick It On –  everyone has a few good ‘choons’’ in them!  To date, our eldest DJ to play at a wedding was an 80 year old, whilst our youngest was an 6 years old!

– Because the majority of guests that attend weddings come along in couples, it often works well to pair up the DJs: in this way, you double the number of people involved.


Below is an example of our standard microsite these can be personalised with your own photo. Also attached is a version of the hard copy invitation printed in black & white onto 280gsm card in either A5 or A6 formats. Please note that our standard microsite is included within our price.  However, if you decide to go with a bespoke microsite to follow a certain theme or style there is an additional charge of £50 to cover our design costs.

Hardcopy invitation
You can download a sample of our hard copy invitation please clicking here.

Standard microsite
You can view our standard microsite by clicking here.  We can insert a photo in one of the picture frames as an option.

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