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Stick It On abroad: Spanish Wedding Entertainment.

Spanish Wedding Entertainment…

We’re not just a UK based enterprise here at Stick It On, as our booking to be Spanish wedding entertainment shows. It was three years ago when Alex & Penny contacted us about appearing at their wedding. The location for the big day was Masia Ribas outside of Barcelona. It’s not every day you get asked to host a wedding party abroad, so naturally we jumped at the chance. Pre-party preparations were the same as usual, with a dedicated microsite set up for guest DJ set entries. We kept in regular contact with Alex & Penny in the run up to Stick It On’s debut as Spanish wedding entertainment.

Spanish Wedding Entertainment

Stick It On abroad…

Logistically it wasn’t too difficult to organise, with flights there and back and a room booked for an overnight stay at Masia Ribas. The stunning venue was matched on the day by beautiful weather and guests who were more than ready to party! Over the course of four hours, twenty guest DJs got behind the decks and rocked the dancefloor. The party room helped create a great ‘club’ like atmosphere, and luckily lots of dance music had been chosen. Sometimes things just fall into place, and Alex & Penny’s wedding party was just such an occassion. The chosen guests loved being superstar DJs, the others loved their ‘choons’ and Alex & Penny were over the moon.

Stick It On’s whirlwind adventure as Spanish wedding entertainment lasted just over twenty-four hours, but what a day it was. It’s one of those wedding parties that sticks in the memory. You can see the photos we took during Stick It On here and listen to the guest DJs music here.

If you’re thinking of a Spanish wedding or even one further away, why not think about taking Stick It On with you!

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Spanish Wedding Entertainment

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