For those who haven't been to Stick It On before, here's a quick run down on what it's all about.... The idea came about as a result of being fed up with the same old Club Nights playing the same old music week after predictable week.. Let's face it.. some club nights are so far up their own arse, they're missing the point of why we all started clubbing in the first place.

Stick It On aims to give you something different. There are no resident DJ's. Definitely no so called 'Super DJ's' and the music is provided by YOU - if you want to. The night is split into 15 minute slots for each person Stickin' It On. If you fancy giving it a go, all you have to do is choose the records that you would play before going out for the night of a lifetime. Mixing is actively discouraged. It's just a chance your you to put some sun in peoples hearts, rock the dancefloor, shake what your mama gave ya and enjoy yourself.

Come on.. You know you want to.

To find out more about Stick It On CLICK HERE.