You are cordially invited to enjoy 15 minutes of superstar DJ fame at: 
The Rise UK charity event.

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. The Stick It On host will be at your side to guide you
through the simple process to DJ superstardom! You can DJ on your own or, if you need a bit of additional courage, find a DJ partner and form a DJ team.

You just need to choose some songs that will rock the dancefloor, click the link below, fill the online form and we'll contact you back with more details.  

Musically anything goes.. Pop to Hip Hop, Dance to Disco,
Soul to Rock'n'Roll.  This is DJ democracy . . .

Welcome to Stick It On!!
Applications need to be submitted by Friday 20th November 2015.

To apply to DJ

To find out more about Stick It On CLICK HERE.

The Rise UK charity event
Friday 27th November 2015
The Joker, 2 Preston Road
Brighton, BN14QF  
Starts at 20.00