You Are The DJ!

Date: 31.05.2017

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You are the DJ, now rock the party!

Throwing a party, getting married or organising a corporate event and want something a little different? Looking for entertainment which is interactive, all-inclusive and where you are the DJ? If you are, then a Stick It On party is the answer to all your troubles!


At one of our parties, the guests are given the opportunity to get behind the decks and DJ for fifteen minutes as we guide them through the process to DJ stardom!

How does that work you ask? It’s simple:

  • We’ll build a mini-website invite with all the details of the party, wedding or corporate event.
  • Anyone interested in DJing can register through a link on the website with a DJ name and three of their favourite tunes.
  • On the night, we’ll get up all the selected guest DJs in turn and guide them through the process of playing their songs to a dance floor packed with their friends, family members and/or work colleagues.


If you want to make either your;

• 40th birthday party even more memorable.
• Your wedding day reception stand out from the crowd.
• Guarantee that the office team bonding day ends with a bang.

Then get in touch and let Stick It On make it happen!

For more information, or to enquire about our availability, drop us an email to


stickitonYou Are The DJ!

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