It’s Never Too Early to Book a Stick It On Party…


Date: 16.03.2017

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Well, we’re only a couple of months into 2017 and Stick It On is already taking bookings for this year’s Christmas party season, and for weddings in 2018! It’s a great indicator that the Stick It On name and reputation is established enough that companies and happy-couples-to-be are booking with us sometimes eighteen months in advance of an event.


We’d normally expect to start fielding enquiries for Christmas parties towards the end of summer as people’s attentions start to turn towards the big end of year holiday season. In terms of weddings, we generally take enquiries between 6 -12 months before a big day so the start to this year has been a pleasant surprise in terms of enquiries and bookings.


So if you are thinking about Stick It On for an event, birthday or wedding, you can rest assured it’s never too early to get in touch and book us. Email us at

stickitonIt’s Never Too Early to Book a Stick It On Party…

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