• About Us

    All you need to know about Stick It On

Our philosophy is that there are only two types of music.  Good music and Bad music.

We love great music. In whatever genre, shape or form. If it’s good then it’s in.

Our ethos for Stick It On is about embracing and enjoying this great music in a fun, inclusive way for all to enjoy. We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously, and that’s how we like it.

Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t anti-DJ, the skills of a great DJ to read a room, pick a tune and mix it in seamlessly is an art and a skill that we’re constantly in awe of.

However, like professional footballers, some DJs believe their own hype a bit too much, get paid vast sums of money and don’t deliver the goods when it’s required.

Stick It On is the antithesis of this. It’s simple, unique and we are very well versed in rocking a party.

With a Stick It On party, we give anyone the opportunity to get behind the decks and be that DJ who rocks the dance floor with 15 minutes worth of their favourite tunes!

With a compere to introduce each DJ, and a technical helper to support them in using the decks, we guarantee a rollercoaster of a night with music spanning every genre and decade from rock to pop, soul to rock ‘n’ roll, dancehall to disco and much, much more! Essentially, people choose their all-time favourite tracks, guaranteeing an eclectic mix, and a full happy dancefloor.

No DJ experience is necessary. The Stick It On crew will be with you the whole time, offering as much or as little technical assistance as you require. It’s not about the mixing as this isn’t a night for bedroom wannabe DJs, it’s about the music.

It’s simply a chance for people that love music to share their favourite songs with their friends, dance, laugh and be happy. Pure and simple.